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Nell Gwynn House Freehold Board

The Board has the obligation under the head lease to maintain Nell Gwynn House as a 'luxury residential block'. The Board works closely with the Maintenance Trustee, Crabtree Property Management, to ensure that the quality of the building itself is maintained, that the health and safety standards are met and that the owner and guest experiences are enhanced. All building projects are planned on a 5-year basis and are pre-funded through the reserve fund. The Board meets quarterly and holds an Annual General Meeting in December, to which Freehold members are invited. Nell Gwynn Chelsea Accommodation is the Freehold company's lettings business - run by the owners for the owners. Members of the Board can be contacted using the form below.

Board Members 


Bill Toomey (Chairman)

An experienced Corporate Banker with over 35 years working in the hotels, leisure, and hospitality industry in Britain, with a particular interest in development projects. I worked on a number of Credit Committees and Boards including as a Director of a Bank’s pension fund.An apartment owner since 2006, I joined the Board in 2015, taking on the role as Chairman in 2017. I am keenly interested in the long-term future of the building and ensuring the quality of the property by planning ahead for major works and ensuring all projects are cash funded in advance. I am also working to enhance the longer-term value of the block and improve the experience of owners and guests.

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Julian Macleod

Initially starting a career in Advertising with Unilever as a Media Buyer, later working for clients including L'Oreal, Goodyear, Phillips, General Motors. After 12 years, I set up my own property development company specialising in restoring and converting Listed Buildings, winning numerous awards from the Evening Standard, What House/ Sunday Times over the next 30 years. I have used this experience to assist the planning and specification of maintenance works to ensure the continual improvement to Nell Gwynn House to meet the expectations of owners and visitors and changing requirements for use. 


Simon Davie

An old hand with 45 years experience of owning flats at Nell Gwynn, including being a Chair of the Residents Association. I bought my first flat in 1977 when the expression Buy-to-Let had not been thought of. The building then had just been converted by John Green to include a small letting office run by the General Manager with two letting office girls and a housekeeper. Most of the building was then residential with some 90 flats letting. My CV includes 8 years in the Army followed by 12 years in industry: two years as Export Manager for a packaging company, four years as CEO of  Wolfshmidt Ltd , well known for its Kummel Liqueur and Vodka, and two years as a subsidiary director of Seagram UK. My strength now is my historical  knowledge of the building dating from 1977.


Ben Weekes

An accomplished Chief Technology Officer with a track record as an innovator, entrepreneur and IT industry influencer. In 2005, I co-founded the cutting-edge business Requestec, a world leader in browser based video communications. I held the role of CTO until 2014, when the business was acquired by Blackboard, the world's largest education software provider, and was appointed to the role of Chief Architect. I seek to continually push the boundaries of communication and AI technology.

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Heather Prentice

An experienced communications professional with a long-standing background in content and journalism in finance and international current affairs: Reuters, Agence France Presse, CNBC financial news and The Wall Street Journal. I generate communications strategies for brands, working across Europe. An apartment owner since 1999, I was a member of the Board from 2007-2010 before rejoining last year. I am keen to promote transparency and good communication between the Board, residents and guests and to enhance the community spirit and external profile of Nell Gwynn House.


Nell Gwynn House, Sloane Avenue, London, SW3 3AX

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